Posted by: pattiandben | November 10, 2008

My ‘Bama Blog & More – 10 More Days!

Hi Everyone!

Every day I tell myself I’m going to write that email to update everyone on exactly what I’m doing here campaigning for Barack Obama in the contentious battleground state of Colorado. And every day I am WAAYYYY too exhausted to do it when I get back to my brother’s place (thanks for letting me crash here, Al!). That’s because I’ve been getting ‘home’ past midnight for many days now. It’s hard to even think sometimes.

Unfortunately this isn’t quite going to be that ‘update email’ either, cause I gotta get some sleep!

But, tomorrow is a historic day… Barack is here, stumping for a massive Early Vote for Change rally… just 4 block’s from Al’s place. I’ll be staffing it, and sending photo pix all day long to my photo blog if you want to follow along:

50-thousand people are expected to come! (Note: A record 100,000+ people attended) I’ll be posting pix until election day. Promise to send a real update soon…. but here are some highlights:

  • Working with the fantabulous Hayin Kim on our Asian American voter mobilization strategy. Among the many things, we’re putting together a day full of events for Congressman Mike Honda’s stump trip out here on Tuesday. Even though we have zero funding, came here from the Bay Area with no contacts, and have only days to make it work, it’s all finally coming together! (details coming, hopefully!)
  • Hearing that 900 people showed up at a volunteer training here tonight to help with Getting Out the Vote! And that was only one of many trainings across the state.
  • Canvassing today at, H-Mart, the main Asian grocery store in Denver, and getting a tremendous response, with entire families cheering and chanting “Obama,” and people thanking and even giving us hugs. We gave out some 500-600 “Asian Americans for Obama” buttons alone in just 4 hours. Who knew there were so many of us here in Denver?!

Well, more to come….

Of course, please let me know if you’d like to be off this distribution list. Please know that I may not be able to respond to emails, but keep ’em coming. =)

Go ‘Bama!!


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