Posted by: pattiandben | November 5, 2008

2 More Days! Mind Numbing Numbers & Your Last Chance to Help Win This!

I’ve been sitting on some impressive numbers that I need to share…. (in no particular order, cause my brain isn’t fired up enough to put these in a super logical order… if this is ever the time to get an extra hour of sleep because of daylight savings time, this is it!)

  • The heat is on…. as of yesterday morning, we had our 2008th out-of-state-volunteer come to Colorado. Over half of them hail from the Golden State of California. The others come from 37 states and 7 countries. One woman even drove all the way from Alaska. Another hails from Chicago after just having a baby which she named Baracka. I’ve been spending the last two days training the dozens of out of state volunteers on the many intricacies of voting here … mail in ballots (MIB) vs early voting vs voting at the polls and how to engage with voters while they’re canvassing (knocking on doors). We are STILL getting calls today from folks who want to fly or drive out here to help in person. A group today told me that most the their entire plane from SFO was filled with Obama volunteers coming to the state just for this last big push.
  • Our ground game is huge here… even two weeks ago, Obama volunteers outnumbered McCain volunteers 5 to 1. When I arrived, we had 27 field offices compared to 10 for McCain. Right now, in Arapahoe county alone where I am stationed, we have 28 staging locations, which opened up last week.
  • We have so many volunteers (including the 20K that we signed up at the Obama rally) that half of our volunteers are spending their time contacting and organizing the other half of our volunteers. And that’s what’s making all of it work… we are so organized!
  • Our volunteers knocked on 25K doors today here in Arapahoe county alone.
  • 55% of Coloradan have already early voted.
  • Across the country there are 1.9 million new registered voters, and there are 111K more registered dems than republicans. BUT, don’t think that means a definite win… newly registered voters are the least likely to make it to the polls… that’s why we have such a massive Get Out the Vote (GOTV) push in these battleground states. If they don’t make it to the polls, then we will have failed.
  • On our first day of volunteer election training last Friday we had 1,100 people show up at the downtown Denver location alone… compare that to the number of people who showed up to a McCain rally on the same day in Albuquerque – 800.
  • You heard this in the last email, but over 100K people came to Obama’s rally in Denver on Sunday… that is 12% of our total vote goal for the state.
  • At that rally we convinced 20% (20K people to sign up to volunteer during the last 4 days of the election)
  • At the afternoon Fort Collins rally, over 50K people came to see Obama. The line was 2 ½ miles long! And the town itself only has a population of 131K. It was the largest political event in Fort Collins since a Rush Limbaugh event in the 1980’s that had 8K people.
  • Big time names (OK, this is not a stat, but interesting nonetheless). We’ve had a parade of stars come in the last week alone to stump for Obama: Kevin Costner, Robert Redford, Russel Simmons, Jack Johnson, Zach Braff, Wesley Clark, Hillary Clinton, and Congressman Mike Honda, of course =). Barack and Michelle were here today as well.

I’ve said it before, but I can’t emphasize it enough… DON’T listen to the polls and feel like we can sit back and can cruise into the finish line. We only have 2 days left and we must make sure every vote gets in. Our advantage is high voter turnout. Here in Arapahoe county we actually only have a 2 point advantage… But you can still help us…

Call from your home state if you can;t make it out… you can help us out here in the battleground states by calling voters to help them find their polling place or confirming their volunteer shift. By having you call from home that frees us up over here to actually go door to door to talk to people in person, help them fill out their mail in ballots and take them to the copy store to make a coopy of their ID or drive them to the polls.

Here’s a few ways how you can help and easy links to do it

Take Action: Make Calls to Get Out The Vote

This election is far from over, and we need you to call swing states until the polls close.
Call from a Phone Bank Near You: Join us at a phonebank and bring your friends, we’re making a difference together.
Call from an Office Near You: Your local Obama for America office needs your help with phonebanking and daily data entry.
Call From Home: Use Neighbor to Neighbor to make phone calls to swing state voters from home.

Drive for Change: It’s Not Too Late

Drive for Change: Join us on trips to help our battleground state neighbors register voters and get out the vote.

Other easy things to do at your local office:

  • Walk in and offer to volunteer. I guarantee they’ll find something for you to do.
  • Make or bring some food to your local field office to help feed folks like me who are there from 9am-midnight. It will help keep our energy up for these last 72 hours.
  • Offer free services like massages, car washes, or walk the dogs of crazy volunteers like me. We will LOVE you for it!!


There’s already been a ton of you who have been helping. THANK YOU TO…

  • Ann Forst, Ian Townsager, Yelda Mesbah, Patti Rich and Akilah Jeffery for convincing their friends to Drive for Change with them to Tahoe
  • Veronica Dakota for flying out on October 20th to volunteer in rural northwest Missouri
  • Olivia Chin, Regan Dolezal, and Karen Mountain for flying to Colorado for the last 4 days of GOTV
  • Kaye Wash for “firing up” dozens of volunteers at Camp Obama
  • Kellie Okai for donating all that she could to the campaign AND volunteering at her neighborhood field office
  • Melanie Kaufman for making calls during her lunch hour.
  • Denise Dunning and Adam Kleinberg for making calls after work.
  • Matt Diamond for setting up a phone bank at his home
  • Annie Pong for helping me translate an Obama ad into Chinese to publish in the Chinese newspapers here.
  • All who voted early to make it easier (shorter lines) for those who are voting on election day.
  • Al Lew for giving me a couch to crash on and a car to drive, cooking and saving a dinner plate for me for when I get home at midnight so I can have something to eat, and doing my laundry since I haven’t even had time to do that!
  • Benjamin Wilkinson for being the supportive husband that he is and making it possible for me to be here doing this good work.

And of course, there’s many, many more I know I forgot in my state of no sleep and much work. Barack was on a conference call tonight with some 20K team leads and urged us not to “let history slip through our hands.” Let’s not let the world down… Only 72 more hours to make history…..

Go ‘Bama!



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