Posted by: pattiandben | October 12, 2008

Photos from Plan D

Been a while since the last post; in denial that we’re not on the road anymore. Writing in this blog reminds us of steamy internet cafes, odorific street markets and persistent back pain from hauling packs that weigh at least two thirds of Patti’s body weight. We’ll take it, though. Day to day has been tough—wah wah wah —but we are pushing through.

So now we live in the past with our photo collection; dreaming of a time—hopefully sooner than later—when we can spend an afternoon checking off items to pack and hearing the zipper sound one last time before departure. Mosquito coils and netting near the top, always.

Safety, love and success to Mrs. Patti Lew Wilkinson as she embarks on
a campaign to Colorado to help secure a big win for the blue team in
this year’s election.

Steelers have the week off.

Enjoy these photos and your Sunday, even if the Steelers are not playing. I know it’s going to be hard.

Plan D // Images


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