Posted by: pattiandben | July 8, 2008

Quick Update and Scenes from Our Next Episode


We’ve been traveling “like Gypsies”, as my amazing Grandpa Karl used to say. From Asia to Sri Lanka to the beautiful Republic of the Maldives then over to Athens and the Greek Island of Santorini-now headed to Barcelona. Incredible sites, sounds and stories as we cruise through summer. We are writing from an Internet cafe in the Port of Santorini and our time is nearly up on the Euro meter. Here is a quick glance at what will be coming in the next entry:

  • Basic Math in Currency Conversion-happily using division and then not so happily using multiplication-an American travel perspective on how the Thai Baht rules and how the Euro will crush us.
  • People We Can Do Without: Ripping a theme from George Carlin’s bag of tricks, we wanted to highlight some of the jerks we’ve come across in our travels. Important to note that the superstars have outweighed all the jerks. We’ll highlight both.
  • Instrument Procurement Update…and the plan for the ultimate long-winded prize!
  • Why Everyone Should Visit the Maldives…while it is still above sea level, barely.
  • Manta Rays and You
  • Moto Helmets that Finally Fit my Head…and I don’t even need to ask for a bigger size!

We have some down-travel time in Spain and will write more later this week. Hoping to get some perspective out of Patti Lew!!! She has been very busy with her journal.



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